Sunday, October 2, 2011

Open Studio

Every October, artists around town open up their studios to the public in San Francisco. It's an opportunity to allow us cloistered artists, holed up in our studios (and our heads), to let regular people into our creative sanctuaries. The public gets the chance to talk to the artist directly and to see where the artist works.

This year, I'm having my open studio during the second weekend, October 15-16, from 11am-6pm. I hope you can make it. I'll also be having a Friday night preview party, in case you want to beat the crowds and get a first look.

There's already been some interest in my work from the Huffington Post and 7x7 Magazine. Check out the images below:

Monday, September 12, 2011

An EFFEN Event!

EFFEN Vodka commissioned me to create an artwork inspired by their new EFFEN Cucumber Vodka. For the piece, I considered the flavor of cucumber; mild, calm, soothing. I also thought that those sensibilities were very much in line with the laid-back west coast attitude. Keeping that in mind, I translated that idea into a state of serenity. In the piece, a modern man holds an EFFEN Vodka bottle in his hand, sitting on a lotus. The image references Buddha (also mild-mannered, calm, and soothing).

The event was pretty fun. Local mixologists made cocktails in a Top Chef-style competition and let the crowd vote on their favorite. Below are images from the event.


Well, my solo show, Entwined Excess, opened to much success on Sept 1st. I had a great time really appreciated all who came out. The show was featured on the SFWeekly and The San Francisco Chronicle's 96hours.

You can also see the images on the PRESS page of my website.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

"The End Is the Beginning Is the End" at Google

I've been asked by the curator at Google to exhibit De/Construction Paintings at Google's headquarters in Mountain View. The work will be up from February through April. If you know anyone who works there, be sure to let them know. Unfortunately, the campus is not open to the public and cameras are not allowed.