Friday, February 1, 2013


Artist Statement

In my work, I typically reference relationships between nature and manmade systems such as manufacturing and commerce. I have been using my art as a form of environmentalism, portraying nature as the victim and man as the aggressor.

In this suite of performative prints, the characters are less defined, the storylines, less clear. What could be perceived as nature blooming or prospering, could also be seen as nature outlasting or outgrowing its human surroundings.

In my process, I screenprint an image of nature with green ink onto green construction paper. On top of that layer, a smaller, more delicate form of that image is screenprinted with gray ink on top. In this initial composition, nature is portrayed as meek, humble, or small. Over time, light bleaches away the dye in the construction paper. The result is a shift in the image’s composition; where nature was once a small part of the picture plane, it now expands and dominates. The image changes over time, performing for the repeat viewer. Is this a story of magical realism, in which a tree could emerge out of paper or is this a cautionary tale of a post-humanity environment?

Untitled #3 (OutGrow Series). 
21"x21". Performative Print (Screenprint on Construction Paper mounted on BFK Paper). 
Edition of 10.