Monday, July 6, 2015

Muni Project: We Are San Francisco

Portfolio examples of the style that I would use for the Muni art project. Actual work created is detailed below.

I'm a finalist for the inaugural San Francisco Beautiful Muni Art project, which plans to place art in Muni buses. But the decision for the artwork is up to you!

Voting requires registration on, a site devoted to empowering people to take action on local issues. It's a simple process which would take less than two minutes.

Here's my project proposal:

We Are San Francisco
There’s been a lot of talk about the gentrification of San Francisco. The winners and the losers. The old and the new. The “techies” and everyone else.
The anger is real. The tension is palpable.  But with the wave of change are new ideas and new energy. The old San Francisco is merging with the new San Francisco.
And in unison, they announce, “I am San Francisco.”
For my project proposal, I envision divided portraits of the people of San Francisco, merged with another. Plumbers with bankers, techies with tattoo artists. From the Presidio to the Portola, and the Marina to the Bayview. Just as Muni is a system that connects neighborhoods, the portraits are a way to connect, literally and figuratively, the rich cultural diversity of the city.  

“The Spirit of San Francisco” is about inclusion. Everyone from the freaks to the geeks and the hipsters to the homeless.  The open arms of the city embrace all who reach for it. My project serves to bring people together into the same “space” as a way urge unity through turbulent times.
If you'd like to see this project realized, please vote for my proposal!